Golf craze is fading off, and here’s the reason why

Golf has been one of the most, if not the most, popular sports in United States for a while now. It has been especially popular with one segment of population, baby boomers. And now that they are getting older, i see more and more old people playing on golf course. Younger generation like golf as well, but it’s not nearly as popular as with their parents’ generation. I think, it’s in part because of increasing influence that video games have. Millenials had much bigger variety of entertainment, and many of them didn’t choose to dedicate themselves to learning golf, which can be a little bit hard and expensive to learn. I mean, why would you spend hundreds of dollars (at least) trying to learn sport that is alien to you, when you can easily get months worth of entertainment on steam for the same price? It doesn’t make sense.

 And golf club manufacturers aren’t making things better. Golf always used to be expensive sport, but these days, companies took that to extremes. There are new golf clubs being released every year. Most new clubs promise to be ergonomically made and capable of improving your game, which is kind of true. And it’s not good for average player. If rich people can afford all these new clubs brands keep releasing, and average people can’t, they will be essentially buying their game performance. And i don’t think that’s how measuring your golf performance should work. It certainly shouldn’t be about having more money. So one could argue that all the technological advances in the game of golf are actually working against it. Middle class people, seeing rich people outperform them simply by buying more expensive, best seniors golf clubs, get demotivated and uninspired to play golf. And that’s problematic for everyone – players themselves and brands. And it’s also keeping young people from ever wanting to learn more about sports. I know it firsthand because i tried to get my son to come play with me, and the cost of whole thing was so high that he thought better of it, and i can’t blame him.

 So i think that’s what’s going on with declining golf industry. There might be a lot of details that i do not understand, and i don’t pretend to be know it all. I just wanted to share my perspective as middle class american about what’s going on in the world of golf and what can be done to stop it. I don’t want more and more kids growing up on computer games instead of going out and actually performing activity outdoors. And i think my judgement in this post reflects that.

How to avoid shopping excessively – tutorial

Purchasing less, becoming a more conscious consumer, shopping for quality not to mention: All of this is hard enough as it is in the era of social networking and speedy fashion. But while you love searching, once you can not think of anything more fun than combing through racks of clothing on the weekend or simply clicking through the new arrival pages of your favorite brands on the internet, buying less may seem to be an impossible obstacle.

If you’ve tried to shop less in years past but immediately found yourself reverting back into old habits, because you only enjoy shopping a lot, don’t worry: not everybody is lost. You just have to find a new hobby!

Aside from the simple fact that a shopping hobby will surely make you spend more money than you’d like to, additionally, it isn’t great from an ethical perspectivebecause the more you store (particularly from quick trend brands), the further you’re leading to the negative impacts the fashion industry has on workers and the environment.

You are also not doing your own closet any clogs by adding to it on a weekly basis (or even more often). When shopping is your hobby, you purchase stuff for the adventure: to have fun, to relax, to be imaginative, right at the moment. Things like whether you will really wear this bit, how it fits in with the rest of your wardrobe and even how much you enjoy it, come secondary. Eventually, you find yourself getting a whirlpool cupboard full of stand-alone pieces that were fun to buy, but that do not reflect your style or work with your lifestyle.

People really like to shop for different reasons. Some find it ridiculously relaxing, even for many it’s their go-to imaginative outlet, for others a enjoyable, low-stress method to spend some time with friends. What’s your motive?

Think of what situations and times you usually want to store. What mood are you in? What mood are you in post-shop? Really attempt to dig deep here. By way of example, if you typically shop on the internet to unwind at night, consider what else could give you the exact same feeling of relaxation. A bubble bath maybe?

To help you figure out your private most efficient shopping substitute, I’ve created a tiny typology of the most typical types of “hobby shoppers”.

Each profile contains a fast description and a few recommendations for purchasing options. Read through each profile and see which ones you identify with.

There are five types in total, but of course you can be a combination. As an example, during my shopaholic phase a couple of decades before, I had been equally the authentic creative and also the social shopper.